Do you like to workout at home? Want to do some strength training but don't have enough space for a home gym? Then dumbbells are your answer. Cheap and reliable, dumbbells offer excellent strength training workouts without the hassle of going to the gym or the space required for a home gym.

In college, I incorporated dumbbell workout routines into my schedule about twice a week. When I wanted a quick workout, I took the dumbbells out from under my bed, blasted some music and did 3 sets of 10 different moves I will show you below. I used to absolutely hate lifting weights, but since dumbbells were so easy to use (no setup time, no partner, I could do it in my room), I learned to enjoy lifting weights.

      So How Do I Use Them?

By picking the correct routines, dumbbells can workout every part of your body and help you gain muscle while burning calories. The key to gaining muscle is to pick the correct amount of weight to lift. For each move, you want to max out at 10-15 reps. The amount of weight on the dumbbells should be enough so that after 10-15 reps (with perfect form), you can not do another single rep. Muscle fatigue is what will give you the results you're after. Don't give up a few reps short.

For safety, keep your spine straight and never use your back muscles to help with a rep. That's a sign the dumbbells are too heavy. Wear shoes for balance and support.

The following 10 dumbbell exercises will give you a good foundation to build on. Here's what you need to do.
  • Pick any one of these moves (or all 10 if you're feeling up for it).
  • Figure out your target weight to max out at 10-15 reps for each move.
  • Download this excel file to track your progress.
  • Do the workouts!

      Dumbbell Exercises

1. Curls
2. Shoulder Press
3. Bent Over Rows
4. Stationary Lunges
5. Toe Raise
6. Squat
7. Wrist Curl
8. Tricep Extension
9. Lateral Raise
10. Weighted Crunch


Please leave a comment and let me know how this worked for you. I'm going to start doing more of these workout routines, so please email me to let me know how they can be improved.

- Adam


06/11/2013 10:26am

Thanks for the spreadsheet file. I always like to keep track of what I do.

06/11/2013 2:33pm

No problem! You can copy and paste the sheet for multiple days too. :)



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